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Loss claim adjusters

Revealing of the nature, cause, moment, reposition cost and extension of the casualty - FOR FREE!

Loss / Claim adjusting Services are usually hired by Shipowners, or Ships Operators, also facility owners who demand a specialized INDEPENDENT AND OBJECTIVE technical report of the loss in a casualty. Depending on the policy insured may arrange for an independient loss adjuster to defend his compensation rights.

The service offered covers "property claims" involving damages to ships, offshore units, structures and industrial facilities, their equipments or machinery based on a technical inspection by which it is reported a clarification of the nature, cause, moment and extension of the damage has occurred.

Our engineers verify that coverage applies through then insurance policy, investigate liability for the damages caused, and include in their report the calculated Loss / claim compensation to the injured person based on their physical property damages. This service is specially usefull when there is not agreement between what the insured belive has to be compensated and what the insurer intend to give.

To carry out this service, KLASSMAR uses a global net of inspectors, whom are hightly experienced and highly qualified for these types of tasks.

If you need a Marine Loss Adjuster in any of the most important world ports, please feel free to contact us as we can serve you.

Our reports are at the same level, and fit the same standards in any part of the world. If you like, we can adapt them to any special requirements you may need