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On hire Off hire condition survey

Peace of mind you need when shipping cargo

Klassmar on hire off hire surveys are carried out with the purpose of surveying and recording the current condition of the vessel which includes the cargo gear, cargo holds and hatches of the vessel among any others requested by you.

Klassmar marine surveyors will provide your company with documented evidences of the actual condition of the vessel you are chartering, hiring, or using.

The findings and the report that Klassmar marine surveyors provide can be used to substantiate claims that may arise as a result of damage to the vessel or cargo.

The On Hire and Off Hire condition survey is just one the many commercial inspections that Klassmar can carry out on your behalf to give you financial protection and peace of mind you need when shipping cargo.

Klassmar maintain a world wide surveyor net covering the main ports of the world so that you do not need to request the service to a diferent company each time you need an On Hire Off Hire survey.

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